Reme Halo Air Purification and How it Works.

Reme Halo LED uses ionized hydrogen peroxide to clean the air in your home or Office. This is accomplished with a process called  *photohydroionization. This patented technology turns moisture in the air into hydrogen peroxide.

Reme halo

The Reme Halo LED uses these three elements to produce the ionized hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Moisture in the air that is being pulled through your HVAC System.
  2. The surface of the back shield is a catalytic comprised of titanium rhodium, copper, silver and dioxide.
  3. The LED light source interacts with the moisture as it collects on the catalytic surface.

The end result is a release of ionized hydrogen peroxide which is then distributed throughout your home or office via your HVAC System. Hydrogen peroxide is 100% safe and naturally occurs in nature. The ionization of the hydrogen peroxide molucules is a result of Bipolar Ionization. Bipolar Ionization occurs when the passing air molecules are positively or negatively charged.

As the charged particles make contact with microbes, they attach and start removing hydrogen from the cell walls of the microbes. The alteration of the microbe leaves it in a harmless state. Once the attachment and alteration occur the particulates in the air gain size and weight causing them to be easily removed by a quality air filtration setup.

The Reme Halo has been tested against the coronavirus and was found to be 99% effective. It is a great product to protect against mold, bacteria, virus, dust, dander, pollen and VOCs.

We currently use this tecnology in our office and most of our employees use it in their homes. If you need cleaner air in your home call us today and we will promptly get your Reme Halo installed. Click Here for pricing and purchase options.

Photohydroionization™ (PHI), a patented ionized hydroperoxide technology developed by RGF Environmental simulates the natural hydroperoxides in the outdoor air. The technology works on a rare metal catalyst and a hydrating agent activated by a broad spectrum ultraviolet light reacting with ambient moisture in the air creating hydroperoxides. A later PHI development, also by RGF, ionized the hydroperoxides, basically super charging them.