Electrical Tips for the Poolside

More Quick Electrical Tips Exposed For The Poolside

Poolside relaxation and fun are a significant part of summer, but it’s crucial to ensure electrical safety to prevent any accidents. Here are some quick electrical tips for the poolside to ensure safe and enjoyable summer fun for everyone.


  1. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI):

    Ensure all outdoor outlets near the pool are equipped with GFCI. These devices cut off the power supply within milliseconds if they detect a ground fault, preventing potential electric shocks.

  2. Keep Electronics Away:

    Keep all electrical appliances, power tools, and devices at least 5 feet away from the pool to prevent accidental water exposure and potential electrical hazards.

  3. Regular Inspections:

    Conduct regular inspections of your pool’s electrical components. Check for signs of wear and tear, loose connections, or any other issues that could lead to electrical problems.

  4. Pool Lighting:

    If you have lights in or around your pool, make sure they are installed by a professional and meet the safety standards. Use underwater lights that are specifically designed for pool use.

  5. Electrical Cords:

    Never use extension cords for pool equipment. If you need power near the pool, have a professional electrician install a permanent outlet.

  6. Pool Equipment:

    All pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, and heaters, should be installed by a licensed electrician. This ensures that the equipment is properly grounded and connected.

  7. Educate Family and Guests:

    Make sure everyone in your household and your guests understand the dangers of electricity around water. Teach children to never swim during a thunderstorm or when there are electrical storms nearby.

  8. Emergency Preparedness:

    Always have a plan in case of an electrical emergency. Know the location of the circuit breaker and how to shut off power to the pool area.


Remember, electrical safety is paramount when it comes to poolside enjoyment. By following these electrical tips for the poolside and ensuring regular maintenance and inspections, you can create a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. For those in need of residential electrical services, don’t hesitate to call (803) 889-0686 to speak with our live and locally hired Professional Service Representatives, or click HERE to access our online Service Request form 24/7. We’re here to help ensure your poolside is as safe as it is fun.
Electrical Tips for the Poolside

Written by: Jared M. Sewell