AAA Comfort Club- Maintenance

What is Included:

  1. 2 Visits Per Year
  2. Complete Unit Service
  3. Standard Filters Included
  4. Home Air Quality Audit
  5. Unit Condition Report
  6. 10% Discount on Repair Cost


I understand that AAA Heating & Air LLC, (Company), will request that my scheduled payment for my enrollment in the AAA Comfort Club be drafted from my account on the contractual due date each month in the amount specified by the number of systems in my home. I understand that if my due date occurs on a weekend, or a Federal Bank Holiday, my payment will be drafted from my Bank account in accordance with the policy of my Bank which may either be the business day immediately preceding or following that weekend or Holiday. I understand this authorization will be in effect until I notify Company,in writing, that I no longer desire membership in the AAA Comfort Club, allowing Company a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days from the date of receipt of my written notification, to discontinue the Draft.

I agree that I will pay a service charge for all non-sufficient fund postings, to the extent permitted by Law. I also understand that after one (1) non-sufficient fund posting, Company reserves the right to discontinue my participation in the ACH payment program which would discontinue my membership in the AAA Comfort Club.

I agree to give Company written notice identifying any erroneous debit draft activity relating to my ACH draft payments and a reasonable opportunity to investigate and, if necessary, correct the error(s). I understand that corrections may sometimes be necessary and it may involve an adjustment, debit or credit, to my account. I agree to execute any other documents reasonably requested by Company or the above-mentioned financial institution to effectuate this Authorization Agreement.


  1. Two visits per year to be scheduled by office staff of AAA Heating & Air, LLC. Our office will attempt to contact via telephone (2) two times before mailing a letter to the home. If you receive a message or letter please contact our office promptly to schedule your appointment.
  2. Complete unit service is different for each type of unit. We will provide all required testing and cleaning as per the factory specifications. We also check for clogged condensation lines, loose electrical connections, leaks in the duct work, and improper airflow in the home.
  3. Standard one inch filters are included for all returns in home. Media filters are not included but can be purchased at an additional cost. Media filters purchased or provided will be changed if needed during the maintenance as part of your service. If you wish to use other specialty filters and supply them to your maintenance technician he/she will change them during the maintenance as part of your service. There are no discounts for customers who choose to provide their own filters.
  4. Home Air Quality Audit – Technician will assess issue in home regarding dust, allergens, pet dander, etc and may suggest specific products. These products are optional and do not effect your membership in the Club.
  5. Unit Condition Report – Technician will provide written documentation of your maintenance service appointment
  6. 10% Discount on Repairs – A current membership entitles the customer to 10% off any repairs suggested by your technician. Discount does not apply to replacement systems or duct work replacement.
  7. Guaranteed Service within 24 Hours – As a Club member, customer is guaranteed an appointment for repair service within 24 hours of their telephone call during our normal business operations Monday – Saturday. If customer calls on a Saturday, or business observed Holiday, AAA Heating & Air, LLC will have a technician scheduled within 24 hours of opening on the next business day. If a technician has not been to the residence with the 24 hour guaranteed appointment time the repair is free up to $500.00. This includes initial service appointment only. Return trips and actual repair times cannot be guaranteed due to availability of parts.
  8. Inclement Weather – There will be occasion when severe weather may affect AAA Heating & Air's ability to provide your maintenance as scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, our office will contact the customer to reschedule the appointment.
  9. Club Membership Renewal – Customer membership will automatically renew annually and will continue uninterrupted until Customer cancels. Please provide cancellation request, in writing, as detailed in the Pre-authorized ACH Draft Agreement section. If you choose to cancel your membership your account will be charged for any services performed at our standard, non-member rate less any amounts already drafted for your membership. Standard maintenance service on one system is $95.00, two systems is $135.00, three systems is $175.00 for one maintenance service. Send cancellation requests to AAA Heating & Air, LLC at 844 Founders Road, Lexington, SC 29073
  10. Cancellation by AAA Heating & Air, LLC – AAA Heating & Air, LLC reserves the right to cancel membership at any time. In the event membership is canceled, Customer will be notified, in writing, of the cancellation. Customer account will be charged for any services performed up to the date of cancellation if payment has not already been drafted.

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