15 year Parts & Labor Warranty

Understanding our Warranty

AAA Heating & Air, LLC offers a 15 year parts & labor warranty on your newly installed Full Replacement HVAC system(s).

General Requirements:

This warranty applies so long as: 1) the equipment purchased and installed by AAA Heating & Air, LLC is professionally maintained bi-annually by our service technician(s) in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, industry standards and as recommended by AAA Heating & Air, LLC including but not limited to regular filter maintenance in accordance with the filter manufacturers recommendations for life expectancy and routine cleaning or replacement. This requires the purchase of a maintenance contract from AAA Heating & Air, LLC for each year of the term of this warranty, starting at year two. The first year of maintenance is provided at no cost to the customer; 2) all repairs recommended by AAA Heating & Air, LLC are performed on the equipment; 3) the equipment has been used solely for the purpose and under the conditions for which it was designed and has not been subjected to misuse, alteration, accident or abuse; 4) the equipment is installed by AAA Heating & Air, LLC or an approved sub contracted vendor of AAA Heating & Air, LLC; 5) the equipment is installed in a residential application and used solely for the purpose of heating or cooling a residential dwelling; 6) original owner or new owner may opt to transfer this warranty. Warranty transfer fee of $99 applies; 7) and other *exclusions.

Limitation of Parts Warranty:

Only the manufacturer’s warranty is provided on any parts or materials provided in connection with the newly installed HVAC system(s) for the term provided by each said provider or manufacturer. If said provider or manufacturers warranty term is less than 15 years, AAA Heating & Air. LLC will assume the parts warranty for the duration of the 15 year term. AAA Heating & Air, LLC's obligation for defective products and/or workmanship or any damage caused thereby, and Buyer’s exclusive remedy, is limited to the replacement of any defective parts or workmanship and is conditioned upon AAA Heating & Air, LLC receiving actual written notice of said defects within an applicable warranty period. THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. AAA Heating & Air, LLC IS NOT SUBJECT TO AND DISCLAIMS ALL CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL AND PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

Owner Deductible Requirements:

Starting as of the original install date of the HVAC system(s) this warranty is free of any deductibles for two years. Owner will be responsible for a $99.00 (ninety-nine dollars and no cents) deductible for any service calls required starting on the first day of year three and ending on the last day of year fifteen.

Catastrophic Clause:

Starting on the first day of year nine AAA Heating & Air, LLC reserves the right to invoke the option of a catastrophic clause. If the HVAC system(s) is found to be non repairable due to severity of the repairs needed or availability of parts, AAA Heating & Air, LLC will give the original owner $1,500.00 company credit towards the purchase of a new system. This credit is only good towards the purchase of a new replacement system from AAA Heating & Air, LLC. There is no actual cash value of this credit other than a discount of a new replacement system purchased from AAA Heating & Air, LLC. Refusal of this option by the warranty holder will constitute completion of the aforesaid warranty regardless of the amount of the remaining term of the warranty.

What's not covered:

The following items are not covered by this warranty. Capacitors, Main Power Contactor, and Refrigerant. Due to the wearable nature of the parts listed they are not covered by the manufacturer or this warranty. During each of the required maintenance our service technician(s) will make the recommendations of any needed replacements of these parts. Should the need arise for one of these parts to be replaced this warranty will assure that you will receive a 25% discount of the normal book price of the part.

This warranty applies to the original owner and is only transferable with a written request and a $99.00 transfer fee.


This warranty does not cover and explicitly excludes the following: 1) existing equipment installed previously or by another contractor; 2) acts of nature, damage to the property by fire, rising water, wind, hail, theft, vandalism or other uncontrollable factors; 3) modifications made by the owner or owner representative, not approved by AAA Heating & Air, LLC; 4) parts not under manufacturer warranty or voided due to failure to meet the equipment manufacturers requirements; 5) transfer of ownership in property without transfer of warranty as described above; 6) equipment installed in a non-residential space, including but not limited to commercial, industrial or other non-residential spaces; 7) equipment installed or serviced by anyone other than AAA Heating & Air, LLC or an authorized member acting in place of AAA Heating & Air, LLC.

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