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Author: Roy Finley

Buying a House in Columbia, SC? Be Sure to Get an HVAC Inspection

When you’re buying a house, there’s an almost endless list of things that need to be done beforehand just to make sure you crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s. One thing you should be sure not to overlook is getting the house’s HVAC system inspected by a professional. This is particularly true if you’re buying a house in a place like Columbia, South Carolina, as your HVAC system is going to be in use almost year round, especially during those hot summers. Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to skip an HVAC inspection before buying your new house.

Not Part of Standard Inspection

To be fair, a typical house inspection will take a look at the HVAC system. However, the inspection probably won’t take a close enough look at it. As a result, obvious signs of damage are likely to be spotted, but there are plenty of potential HVAC issues that could go undetected by a standard home inspection, so it’s wise to have an HVAC specialist do an inspection before the sale becomes official.

Limit Your Energy Bill

Not enough home buyers, especially first-time buyers, realize that your HVAC system usually accounts for at least half of your monthly energy bill. Odds are, money will be a bit tight after making a down payment on a house, so you want to cut costs as much as possible after moving into your new home. Thus, you need to inspect your new HVAC system to make sure it’s running efficiently and won’t result in higher than expected energy bills.

HVAC is Your Most Expensive Appliance

Another thing homeowners tend to overlook is the fact that their HVAC system is also their most expensive appliance. How many people would buy a house that had a refrigerator or oven that they didn’t like or that didn’t run properly? Probably not too many, at least if they wanted a place that’s move-in ready. The same principle can be applied to an HVAC system; you have to inspect it to make sure it’s in working order and it’s the appliance you want in your new home.

Potential for Safety Hazards

It’s important to remember that a serious problem with your HVAC system is a potential safety hazard. Hopefully, a standard house inspection would discover anything too serious. But you probably don’t want to take any chances. By scheduling a separate HVAC inspection, you’ll know for sure whether there are any potential problems you should be worried about with regard to cracks, leaks, or even the air quality in your new home.

Problems May Be Expensive To Fix

This is perhaps the best reason to schedule a separate inspection for your new home’s HVAC system. If there’s a serious issue with the HVAC system, it may be expensive to fix. Moreover, if you need to install a whole new HVAC system, it’s going to cost several thousand dollars. For some people, that may be enough to back out of a sale or at least renegotiate the price of the house with the seller if you know you’ll have to spend a few thousand dollars to repair or replace the HVAC system soon after buying the house.

Did Previous Owner Keep Up With Maintenance?

When you buy a house, you’ll want to know if the previous owner kept up on routine maintenance with their HVAC system or not. Did they change filters regularly and get yearly checkups from an HVAC specialist? Unfortunately, a standard home inspection probably won’t shed too much light on these types of questions, and the seller may not have to disclose such information. However, an HVAC technician will be able to discern if the system was well taken care of by the previous owner or not. If the previous owner didn’t take HVAC maintenance seriously, you may end up having to pay for repairs as a result, and that’s something you’ll want to know about your new home ahead of time.

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